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Bad breath (Halitosis)

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Many people have this problem: bad breath, also called halitosis, but hardly anyone talks about it. Bad breath is not just a burden on people themselves, but also for surrounding people. Thanks to a special examination and a questionnaire the cause of halitosis is recognized and properly and scientifically treated.
80-90 % of the causes of halitosis are anaerobic bacteria that have settled on the back of the tongue, between the teeth, in the gingival pockets and old, leaky filling and crown margins. These germs produce smelly sulfur gases, which are often discharged cyclically.
Our dental hygiene team performs a gentle and thorough professional cleaning of teeth and tongue and creates an individual oral hygiene program for the patient to take home. These include special tongue cleaners, rinses and tooth - tongue jellies. The success is examined in a follow-up appointment.
In more severe cases, it can also be a chronic or aggressive periodontitis, which must be separately treated.