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CMD - TMJ Treatment

Headaches, tension in neck and neck muscles, tinnitus and vertigo - the cause of many health problems can be a disturbed masticatory system.

CMD Therapie
Kiefergelenksbehandlung bei CMD

In our practice we draw on the cause of cranio-mandibular dysfunction (CMD) and help with the holistic concept of BioActive splints.

BioAktiv Schiene

The integrated and customized BioActive® splint was modified by Dr. Varljen in years of close collaboration with orthopedic surgeons, osteopaths and physiotherapists.

Ganzheitliche Diagnostik - Kiefergelenksbehandlung bei CMD

It is used to correct an incorrect bite position and provides an efficient relaxation of the muscles of mastication. After improvement of the complaints, the splint can be used for continued self-treatment.
Also, should a dental restoration may be necessary, the knowledge gained flows in a redesign of the occlusal surfaces. In addition, we offer a gentle functional orthodontics for position correction of healthy teeth.