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Can make you laugh, eat and speak like having your own teeth - solid and beautiful teeth with implants!

Missing teeth can carefully and promptly be replaced by dental implants. Implants take over the same function as tooth roots, as they fuse directly to the bone: they carry fixed prosthesis, such as single or multiple teeth. Even removable dentures can also be anchored safely. The result is a natural chewing and speaking experience with a natural appearance.

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Dental implants are a sustainable and safe solution, and after the healing procedure they can be maintained for a lifetime. Implants are produced ​​of biocompatible titanium, and have a 10 - year survival rate of over 95 %.

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Through careful treatment planning, the existing bone is judged to millimeter accuracy by using three-dimensional imaging. The positioning of the implant is enhanced by modern computer technology, a minimally invasive procedure and as pain-free as possible during the treatment and healing process.