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Professional teeth cleaning, oral hygiene and prevention

regelmäßige Zahnpflege

Clean teeth are bright white, perfectly smooth and very sexy! We want your teeth to be completely healthy - and stay that way.

professionelle Zahnreinigung

Regular cleaning keeps teeth and gums in top shape.
After the dental initial examination, we determine your individual risk profile for dental disease. Focused on such will be the contents of the first systematic oral hygiene phase.

Mundhygiene lernen

Prevention in adults:
Our specialized dental hygienists clean and care for your teeth and your gums. This includes a nutritional education and dental care coaching.

Besuch zur Prävention

One is smiling with pleasure and feeling holistically well.
You will be surprised, how gentle but effective a thorough professional oral hygiene can be.

Prävention auch für Kinder

Children are treated particularly attentive and loving. So their teeth stay healthy - for a lifetime.